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School Vision

Mission Statement:

We will work closely with the community to encourage students to show integrity, be generous in spirit, kind and respectful.  Students will have opportunities to accept responsibility and learn from taking risks and making mistakes. Celebrating student  successes can come about by directing and being engaged in learning that develops a sense of confidence, self worth and self belief.

School Vision:

Empowering our Children to Discover their Passion and fulfil their Potential

Tapora School is a Learning Community where we are:


Tapora Values Explained

Tolerant & Future Focused – Tolerant of today but, taking action for a better tomorrow

We want the children at Tapora School to have both a voice and be tolerant of other points of view. Unified voices and actions can help make changes for the future. This means empowering our students to make good decisions for their future, to set goals and work hard towards them.

Achieving & Inquiring – Get involved, give it a go and wonder!

Our teachers aim to develop curious students and become excited inquirers about their learning. In an ever changing world, our children need to think outside the square, be highly resourceful, collaborative, and not afraid to make mistakes.

Persevering & Striving for Success – Not the best, but trying your best

Our Striving for Success value is about empowering our children to try their best. We aim to develop perseverance and resilience within our students, as well as equipping them with the necessary skills and tools to effectively problem solve. This leads to students gaining increased confidence and self-esteem.

Optimistic & Positive Attitude – Be involved and make learning fun

For students to really connect with their learning it needs to be fun and engaging, this starts with an enthusiastic Board of Trustees and permeates through the school, the notion of being involved, positive and having a can-do attitude.

Respectful & Resourceful – Being respectful to other people, places and beliefs and use these rich resources in their learning

Resourceful, this value is the ability for our students to self-select the most appropriate tools for any challenge. We also want our children to be aware of their impact on the environment and global pressure on some of our natural resources. At the same time we encourage our students to be respectful of others, their ideas and beliefs.

Active Adventurer- Get involved, give it a go!

At Tapora School, being active in both mind and body is very important. We have a range of programmes and sports aimed at increasing students’ physical abilities and fostering a love of the outdoors. Our teachers aim to develop curiosity among our students to become excited inquirers about their learning.