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Special Services

Services available to our school:

  • Dental nurse: Care of Tapora students is through the Wellsford Dental Clinic at Wellsford Primary School.

  • Health Nurse: Free service available to staff, parents and students on any health related matters. Visits school by arrangement.

  • Social Worker

  • Speech Therapist

  • Hearing and Sight Technician

  • Special Education Service

  • Community Police

  • Resource Teachers Learning Behaviour

  • Resource Teachers Literacy

  • National Library Service

  • School Support – Curriculum Advisors

  • Correspondence School

  • Truancy Officer

If you would like your child referred to one of the above agencies please contact the Principal or class teacher.  Should any child be referred to the above services by the school, parents are informed as permission is required.

All information is entirely confidential.