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School Transport/Bus

Children are eligible to travel on the bus if they are:

  • All students who are more than 3.2 KMs from school.
  • Children have transferred eligibility if they are further from their nearest school using the criteria above and make their own way to our bus stop.

Other children (ineligible) living on the route may be permitted transportation on the bus if room is available.  However, if there are insufficient places the ineligible 10 – 13 year old pupils will be required to make their own way to school on the basis of the closest pupil off first.  If this doesn’t provide sufficient seats then the ineligible pupils between the ages of 7 and 9 will be required to make their own way on the same basis. Bus transport can be arranged by phoning Chris or Jenny Heath on 422 1816 or 021 237 9052.

A set of Bus Rules is operative and pupils are reminded of these regularly, in particular:

  • On leaving the bus, pupils must step back two paces and wait until the bus has moved off, so that they have a clear view before attempting to cross the road.
  • Pupils who travel to school by bus must not return home by other means or be dropped off at a different stop without first providing a written note by the (A phone call will also suffice.)
  • If a child is to miss the morning bus please phone the Chris or Jenny Heath on 422 1816 before 7:10 am.