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Parents Guide to this Website


Welcome to our new interactive online school newspaper. We hope you enjoy the experience as much as the students enjoy sharing their learning online with you and other family and friends in a multimedia way.

The school has chosen this software for the students as it offers them an easy to use and safe site that provide a genuine and authentic audience for their online published work while assisting them with the development of their literacy skills and Digital Citizenship skills.

For reference:
  • Each “article” published on this site is called a Post
  • Each news “section” is called a Category

To ensure the best experience using this site, we recommend you use either Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari (for Apple users). If you use Internet Explorer, it is possible that some features may not display correctly.

To search for anything on this site, please use the keyword Search box at the top of the site.

This site also offers Google Translation options at the top of the site for non-English speaking family and friends.

Online News

To find classwork in different categories (such as your child’s class, sports, videos, etc), hover over the menu bar above and select the name of the category you want to view posts of.

Many of these categories could have drop down categories (such as classroom names/numbers). Simply click on the category of your choice to view student or classwork posted in there.

Each list of Posts shows an excerpt of text from the Post – to view the entire Post click on the title, the image (if visable) or the Read More link.

Looking for Your Child’s Published Work?

Look for their name down the right hand side bar and click on their name if you see it. If it is not listed, you can search for them in the Search for an Author box, also in the right hand sidebar.


Your child will love feedback on their work! Comments can be made by parents, teachers, fellow students and friends, grandparents – in fact anyone who visits your school’s site and wants to offer their comments to what they have read and seen.

To leave a Comment, fill out the Leave a Comment box at the bottom of the Post.

  • You need to fill in the name and email address boxes and then your message (a website address is not required and the email address will not be published).
  • When you click on the Post Comment button, your comment will be held for moderation by an admin person or teacher to approve before it is published on the site. This could take a couple of days to appear.
  • All comments submitted on the site need to be checked first to ensure that no negative or inappropriate comments are published on the site.

Find out First – Subscribe and Follow Your Child!

To receive an email alert as soon as your child has work published on the site, follow the steps below:

  1. Type their name in the Search for an Author box (or click on their name if it is listed down the right hand side). The first 3-4 letters of their name is fine for doing a search.
  1. Select their name from the search results
  1. Click on the Follow this Author button above their Author info box.
  1. Type your email address into the pop up box (if the box is partly covered, scroll down the page a little way to fully show the box)
  1. Click on the Follow button to confirm
  1. Go to your email Inbox to receive your verification email to confirm your subscription. If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes please check your Spam If it is in your Spam folder please take it out of Spam and create a filter or save as a contact to ensure that you receive emails in the future.
  • You can also follow the same steps to receive alerts for categories of your choice, such as your child’s classroom, sport, library, etc. Simply click on the category on the menu bar (or one from a drop down list) and click on the Follow this Category button at the BOTTOM of the page.

Would You Like to Print or Save Your Child’s Work on Your Own Computer?

1.     Open their Post by clicking on the title, the image (if visable) or the Read More link.

2.     Click on the Print or Save this Post link at the bottom of the Post

3.    Click on the PDF button at the top left corner (your PDF will be generated).  Use this same button to print the post as well.
4.    Click on the Download your PDF button to save to your computer.

5.    If you wish to print the PDF, Open it from your computer and print as per your regular printer settings.

Feel Free to Share!

At the bottom of each post you will see options to share your child’s work on your Facebook page and other social media (if available), plus you can email it to friends and family as well.

*** Please be considerate when sharing published work on this site to your Facebook or other social media sites where there are photos of other students included. We highly recommend that you get permission from the parents/caregivers of the other students in the photos before sharing, as well as permission to use their name. ***

Business Advertising – Supporting our School

On the right hand sidebar of the online newspaper there may be a list of businesses that have paid to advertise their products and services to our school families, of which the school receives a percentage of the advertising fee as a fundraiser for the school.

Although only 5-6 adverts will normally display at one time, there will be other advertisers who’s adverts will display the next time you click on a Post on the online newspaper, so do have a glance every now and again to see what’s showing!

We do encourage you to visit the websites of the advertisers by clicking on their advert to see what they can offer you. (note that the school neither endorses or recommends any of these businesses or any proposals or offers they make).

Thank you and enjoy using this site!