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On Friday lunches will be sold on a cash only basis.  The menu will vary from term to term and menus will be sent home via the newsletter or students.  The lunches are subject to changes of type and price.  Where possible notice will be given of days where lunches will not be sold as usual.

Please provide payment in a named envelope with your order written on the front.

Thank you for supporting Tapora School through our “Friends of Tapora School” Lunches!

Mince Pie$2.50
Mince & Cheese Pie$2.50
New Beef, Cheese, & Bacon Gourmet Pie$3.00
New Lamb & Mint Gourmet Pie$3.00
New Butter Chicken Gourmet Pie$3.00
Apple Pie$2.00
Sausage Rolls$2.00
Lasagne Topper$2.50
New Butter Chicken Topper$2.50
Vege Topper$2.50
Mac n Cheese Topper$2.50
Butter Chicken Wrap$3.00
American Hotdog$3.00
Juice Box$1.50
Juicies Iceblock$1.50
Tomato Sauce$0.50