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Xavier’s bio.
Xavier was born on 11th March 2007 in Auckland.
He grew up in Tapora, which is the west of Wellsford, with his sister Cassidy,Nana and Poppa. He loved his home dog named Phoenix who sadly when he was 8 his dog passed away.
He loves outdoors like dirt bikes,fishing,hunting and biking he is a very energetic young man. He has a very good personality and he is a good friend. He lives by the beach.
Xavier enjoys going for walks on the beach with his family. He lives with only one of his sisters. His other brothers and sisters names are Layton,Codie,Seth and Trinity.

xaviers story writing

One day a little girl and her Grandpappy were walking on the beach. They had a stupendous amount of rope and string. They had a look at the sheds, saw some awesome boats and cool [...]

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