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About takaraw

Tak was born 12th Jan 2007 in Warkworth.

He grew up in Tapora which is west of Wellsford.
He has two brothers; the oldest is Aidan and he is now 13 years old.
His other brother is Liam and he is now 9 years old.
Both his brothers are annoying, but sometimes Liam is all good.
He also lives on a dairy farm and has to help on the farm when it’s calving season.

He really loves playing outdoors, hunting, target shooting, playing games, watching tv, being a couch potato and biking down the hills on his mountain bike.

Diggy and Sammy P.G.1+2

Diggy and Sammy were going marshmallow roasting but while they were roasting the marshmallows Diggy's marshmallow dropped into the fire. Diggy went to grab it from the fire but he got pulled back by Sammy [...]

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