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Keegan Gurney was born on 3rd of July 2007 in Whangarei. He is a cheeky boy because he likes to make mischief. During his years when he was a young boy he lived in Whangarei.He moved to Tapora when he was 7 years old. Keegan has 2 brothers, Taylor is 9 and Jacks is 6 and sister Piper is 1. His parents are Donna and Logan. His dad use to work for a concrete company and he rode a bike 53 km when he was a boy. In Keegan’s spare time he likes to shoot turkeys . Keegan likes maths , reading and working on a farm for his dad.

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The child and the adult are at the beach, They are laughing, They are making a friendship bracelet maybe. There are lots of sheds that are all different colors. They are sitting on really bumpy [...]

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