Calf and Lamb Day

Bang, Boom, Slam, Bang.

As we pull up and jump out of the car

We all get excitedly buzzed up.

‘Calf and lamb’ day reads a sign.

As I unlock the trailer and gently put the halter on my calf, Sooty

She jumps and starts to run excitedly.


We finally got to where we have to be,

After a bit of pulling and tugging

To the middle of the dry field,

Everyone in my year group (year 6) was lined up and ready to go

Everyone got to have a turn at calling their calf.

Mine came as soon as I called.

Then it came to leading,

First Dj went,

Then Holly and so on.

Then it got to my calf and me we started off fine,

Then all of a sudden she stopped and she wouldn’t move,

I pulled her,

She wouldn’t move.

So could you guess what I did?

Yes I went in front,

And planted my feet in the ground and pulled as hard as I could.

Well you could guess I was embarrassed fully

But at least we got to the finish.

Then it came to getting the prizes,

Well everyone got first, second, or third.

Then the judges came up to me, what a suprise(es)

I thought I wouldn’t get anything but I got first,

In the Stubbornnest Pet!

OMG! I was so happy.

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