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Tapora School will foster child achievement by providing a balanced curriculum in accordance with the National Curriculum Statements. Tapora School will utilise the inquiry based, CHaOS curriculum implementation plan.

a) To recognise that each child has their own individual talents, dignity, motivation and ways of learning.

b) To provide programmes that meet children’s identified learning needs.

c) Effective learning will be satisfying and enjoyable, involve the children in making choices and decisions and maintain a love of learning.

The School will:

• Provide balanced programmes that are consistent with the New Zealand Curriculum and reflect the School’s charter.

• Implement programmes which address the learning needs and styles of children, and identify, analyse and implement strategies which address barriers top learning and achievement.

• Monitor child progress against the National Achievement Objectives.

• Assess child achievement, using a range of formal and informal tools, maintain individual records and report on child progress.

• Every two years the board of trustees reviews how health education will be implemented at Tapora School, in order to:

inform the school community about the content of the health education components of the curriculum; and

consult with members of the school community regarding the way in which the school should implement health education; and

describe, in broad terms, the health education needs of the school’s students.

Compliance reporting by the Principal is documented in National Administration Guideline 2.

Date Reviewed: 8 July 2013

Next Review Date: Term 4 2015


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